Objectives and goals of ZAL

Goals and Objectives of the Free Economic Zone "Expo-Business-Chisinau", on attracting new investments and promoting export

From the general measures that will be undertaken by the Free Zone Administration in the following years, we mention the following:

- Elaboration and submission to the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure of the proposals regarding the improvement of the legislative and normative acts regarding the activity in the free economic zones.

- Promoting the image and investment opportunities of the  Free Economic Zone “Expo-Business-Chișinău” through the active participation of the Administration in various specific promotional activities such as exhibitions , economic missions, seminars, workshops and conferences,  (bilateral and multilateral).

- Organizing presentations for foreign investors during their visits to the Republic of Moldova for the purpose of choosing the location of investment projects, showcasing the success of current residents in their investment projects through the Ministry of Economy, state-owned agencies, embassies and other diplomatic missions.

The Administration of the Free Economic Zone "Expo-Business-Chișinău" together with the representatives of MIEPO and USAID will organize various meetings with the residents of the free zone in order to attract new investments and promote export.

- Considering that the USAID Competitiveness Project in Moldova accepts grant applications to support enterprises, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as innovative non-governmental and non-commercial organizations, the Administration will undertake measures to inform prospective investors about the existence of this opportunity for the realization of new investment projects (textile production, clothing, footwear and fashion accessories, information and communication technology and creative services).

- The Free Zone will actively contribute to supporting investments and investors, before, during and after the investment process.

- The cooperation of the Administration with the National Agency for Employment will provide the investment projects with a higher skilled labor force. Thanks to this collaboration, the vacancies declared by the residents of the Free Zone will be registered, professional training services will be provided at the request of the residents, residents of the Free Zone will be given the opportunity to participate in recruitment activities, including through the electronic tools: www.angajat.md and the on-line platform www.e-angajare.md.

By attracting new investors, new jobs are being created, which benefits not only the economic status of the free zone but also the economy of the whole country.

Attracting investors directly involves the promotion of the Free Zone website (www.moldova-freezone.md)

- The Free Zone Administration, in collaboration with MIEPO and GIZ, plans to develop and print informative brochures on the free zone (in Romanian, Russian, English).

- Elaboration and placement on the free zone website of concrete proposals regarding the possibility for potential investors to place their investment projects on land plots or in free spaces of other residents, which for various reasons are not being used.

- The Free Zone Administration monitors the periodic update of the information on the web site in order to provide relevant information on the success of investment projects of current residents and the integration of information on the MIEPO website.

- The Free Zone Administration, in collaboration with MIEPO, plans to participate in training to improve communication and group presentation skills.