FEZ Expo Business Chisinau

Moldova has designated areas, Free Economic Zones, where domestic and foreign investors can carry out entrepreneurial activities under preferential terms and conditions (i.e. favorable tax, customs and other regimes).

FEZ are parts of the Moldovan customs territory, separate from the economic perspective, in which local and foreign investors may carry out entrepreneurial activities under a preferential regime, i.e. benefiting from special guarantees and facilities (tax, customs, regulatory, immigration, etc.).

FEZ are created for a period of at least 20 years.  FEZ Expo Business Chisinau is the very first and most strategically placed FEZ established in 1996. FEZ residents should be registered in Moldova (legal entities with local, mixed or foreign capital) and are selected by FEZ Administration, based on the investment amount and type, infrastructure available / to be created, type of activities to be carried out, etc.

The following types of activities may be carried out in FEZ Expo Business Chisinau :

  1. Industrial production of goods (apart from ethylic alcohol and alcohol products);
  2. Sorting, packing, labelling and other similar operations for goods which transit through Moldovan customs territory;
  3. Other auxiliary activities necessary for the basic activities above (e.g. utility services, warehousing, construction, catering etc.);
  4. External commercial activity (i.e. wholesale of goods imported into FEZ outside Moldova and
  5. offered for export).

Each type of activity within FEZ is subject to a separate time-limited authorization issued by FEZ Administration. Investments within Free Economic Zones in Moldova now total over USD 300 million.